Company statement

NEBOLEX stood for well thought-out, practical quality solutions for more than two decades.

We are one of the leading companies in dust binding, from development and planning to production, installation and service.

Other divisions similar to the system are odor binding.

Competent advice, prompt service, expert repair, all from a single source.

Appreciation and fair dealing with each other are cornerstones of our company culture.

Nebolex employs only trained professionals, qualifies employees (training / studies) and promotes further training.

German, English, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian are not foreign languages for the multilingual staff.

Qualified employees; engineers, technicians, master craftsmen, journeymen, masters, bachelors and business administrators advise you, plan and assemble your systems and provide professional service.

Sustainable thinking and acting is our commitment as an informed, knowledgeable generation we are a role model.


Responsible and ready to perform, we meet the challenges of our customers. We convince through quality, competence, transparency and flexibility.

Entrepreneurship, pioneering spirit and pleasure in innovations characterize NEBOLEX today, are the basis for economic success and mean a future.

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