Mawev-Show 2018

Contruction machinery; construction vehicles and demonstration show       

14. - 17. März 2018

At the fair, NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik GmbH present a wide range of products 

V12S the quietest dust controller in the world

Lanze L3 (especially suitable for small demolition work)

V12SO the first odor binding machine in the wolrd 

supply unit

for dust controller with water tank, pump and control)

stationary dust binding (no off the rack product)

The booth you can found Outdore area C26

Schüttgut 2018

Trade exhibition for Bulk materials and recycling technology                           

7. - 8. November 2018

In this trade exhibition, we present our fully functional model of our dust binding system.

Here you can see the system in effect on a small scale to give you the bigger picture.

Come visit us. Schüttgut 2018 - Dortmund  - Halle 6 - R:26-6


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Scroll to second 50 to watch our system in effect!