V22 Dust binding machine -              V22 Dust Controller

Launch range / Coverage max. 100 m / 31.500 m²

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Dust under control

 W x H x L / 1250 mm x 2400 mm x

     1800 mm

 Total weight 700 kg

 Rotation angle 360° / tilting angle 43°

 Min. input water pressure3 bar

 Nozzle ring


State-of-the-art nozzle technology

Regulation of water throughput, number and size of water drops

 Height adjustment


Electr. connection

Water connection



400/440 V

63A x 5

Storz "C" / UNI 45

Radio, 100 m

Staubbindung - Prospekte im PDF-Format zu allen mobilen Staubbindemaschinen!

Our universal, powerful and environmentally friendly solution against dust.

The patented nozzle head and the external nozzle ring generate a finely atomized water mist.

Typical uses for the V22 are: recycling plants, mining sites, quarries, material handling centres, sawmills, loading docks, demolition sites or waste disposals/landfills.

Easy control by remote.