Dust binding machine - DustController

Launch range / Coverage max. 70 m / 8000 m²


 S = Silence

► on undercarriage with front wheel

 Weight 660 kg

 B x H x L / 1800 mm x 2050 mm x 2900 mm

 2 speed levels

 quiet in city centers



► on machine carrier

 Weight 600 kg

 B x H x L / 1150 mm x 1890 mm x 1820 mm

Fully automated dust controller

for dusty duty


V12      Total weight 470 kg

           ► W x H x L / 1000 mm x 2100 mm x

                1310 mm


V12S    S = Silence

           ► Total weight 500 kg

           ► W x H x L / 1100 mm x 2400 mm x

                1590 mm

            Two-stages control

            Low-noise for use in urban areas


 Fully automated odor binding machine


Odor neutralization by atomization of odor binding chemicals with water


 W x H x L / 1100 mm x 2400 mm x 1590 mm

 Total weight 500 kg

 Rotation angle 360° / tilting angle 52°

 Min. input water pressure 3 bar

 Jet head


Booster pump with dosing unit for atomization of chemicals 

 Height adjustment


Electric connection

Water connection



400/440 V

32A x 5

Storz "C" / UNI 45

Radio, 100 m

 Mining, demolition and recycling present work environments with a high occurrence of all kinds of dust. Our fully automated dust binding systems V12 and V12S are powerful, environmentally friendly solutions fit for use in any work environment.

Patented nozzles generate a very fine, atomized water mist, thus effectively binding dust particles directly at their source. State-of-the-art nozzle technology guarantees efficient use of water. Easy controlling via radio remote, touch panel or desktop pc.


The turbine in the V12S has two different speed settings and is capable of launching atomized water mist in a range of anywhere between 10 metres and up to 50 metres while maintaining a low noise level, so it is even suitable for use in urban settlement areas, e.g. on construction/demolition sites etc.


Low-noise demolition in urban areas? - No problem!


Detailbilder zur Staubbindemaschine V12