L3 Dust binding lancet- DustController

Launch range  8 - 12 m / Coverage 240 m² / Consumption 4l

Launch range /  20 m / Coverage 750 m² / Consumption 21l

Powerful turbine system

 W x H x L / 785 mm x 2700 mm x 1000 mm 

    (when in use)

 W x H x L / 785 mm x 1560 mm x 935 mm     

    (for transport)

 Total weight 111 kg

 Rotation angle 360° / tilting angle -6° - +60°

 Water pressure 1-8 bar

 Power connector 16A x 5poles


Adjustable spray patterns: narrow, low, wide, cylindrical. 


Minor demolition work in the interior and exterior, recycling, open pit, industrial and tunnel construction, as well as transition areas to halls.


Height adjustment


Power connection

Water connection



400/440 V

16A x 5


Suitable for use in demolition, mining, tunneling, industry and many more.

Suitable for indoor use.