Dust binding systems


- operating principle

As already realized with many existing facilities, our product NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik is a patented system for dust binding in which a dust source is targeted. No reaction to lime.


Existing sifted water can be used without special treatment. No reaction to lime. The water requirement is through the targeted use.

Mist generation can be provided by external, on-site compressed air (6-7 bar) in conjunction with tap water (0-3 bar).


Only at NEBOLEX are the nozzle units protected by a patented armor.

This allows the fog heads to be optimally positioned.


         NEBOLEX-system are

2   basically different use variants 

          with different modes of action possible to bind the dust..

Direct misting

Dust suppression through introduction of waterfog into a falling material flow. In this case the dust-generating material is deliberately penetrated and the dust content is wetted.

Indirect misting

Dust suppression through formation of a mist curtain (horizontal or vertical). In this application (typically a feed hopper) the volatile dust absorbs moisture when it penetrates a mist barrier an it subsequently drops due to increased specific gravity.

Both dust suppression mechanisms can easily be combined.