construction of the NEBOLEX-Systems


The NEBOLEX-System for dust suppression essentially consists of four modules, which also include frost protection mechanisms.



  1. Treatment unit for compressed air and water fog (no high pressure)
  2. Control unit (PLC, relay control or manuel 3-way controller)
  3. Control unit (solenoid valves for switching the stations on and off)
  4. patented fog bars with mist heads

Treatment unit

for compressed air and water fog

(no high pressure) 




The treatment unit is used to compress the process air. The waste heat can be used to warm the water fog.


The treatment unit is offered in different sizes, depending on the compressed air demand. We operate with an air pressure of around 6 bar.


Control unit

(PLC, relay control or manual) 








The control unit makes it possible that different respective portions of the installed NEBOLEX system can be controlled as required. This is necessary and advantageous, particularly for larger systems because not all parts of the facility, such as Conveyor belts or feed hopper are simultaneously operated and continuously.  


All relevant factors, such as amount of material conveying speed or outside temperature (freezing point) can be detected with NEBOLEX, allowing the system to react requires conditionally.

Control unit

(Solenoid valves for turning on and off of the stations)

The control unit receives the electrical signals of the control unit. It regulates the water flow to the individual spray stations.

As the demand for water spray, depending on requirements and material, is different, each supplied mist intensity can be adjusted.

Patented fog bars with mist heads

The robust design of the patented fog bars with integrated mist heads, there is a possibility sifted surface or cistern water to use. The mist heads tolerated particles down to a particle size of > 0.2 mm. The patented fog bars are very stable, so it is possible to be mounted on crusher inlet and outlet.

Component System H1


for dust control essentially consists of the following components, which also include mechanisms for frost protection.

High pressure pump (up to 100 bar)

Pumps with different outputs. Water volumes from 1 l / min to 30l / min

With integrated dry-running protection.

Powder-coated aluminum housing.


The pump can be equipped with a remote control as required.

Electrical control


Electrical control configured according to customer requirements.

Easy position fogging

Individual position fogging with single or multiple solenoid valves.

Hochdruckspezialdüsen / Swingkopf

Nozzle size and quantity are adjusted according to customer requirements. Integrated in high pressure hoses or INOX pipes.


Provides the compressed air for blowing out (winter operation)