Dust binding stationary

Different fogsystems and their product features

► NEBOLEX binary system DuoFlex

Binary system

with 7 bar compressed air and 2 bar water pressure.

 if process water or dirty water or calcareous water is to be used, the water quality can be neglected.

 if the moisture input has to be as low as possible (well below 1%).

 Winter operation down to the lowest temperatures must be guaranteed.

 Suitable for use in complex structures with several fogging points

 a non-destructive installation with strong armor directly at the source of dust is necessary.

 Best possible reliability and durability. 

 In conjunction with a maintenance contract, we guarantee fixed prices for maintenance and operation.

► NEBOLEX high pressure system H1

Component system

(only water) with approx 70 bar water pressure

 easy installation

 high pressure oscillating head

 Winter operation possible up to approx. -10°C

 if no compressed air ist available 

 Water quality must be taken into account

     (pH value: neutral, water hardness: 0-3 ° dH).

     if very clean water (drinking water quality)

     is available.

 perfect applications: door ventilation, hall

     or ceiling smoke, dump smoke, etc.

► NEBOLEX 20 bar

Component system

(only water) with approx 20 bar water pressure

 when relatively clean water is available.

 if moisture entry above 1.5% is desired

    or can be accepted.

 if there is not enough compressed air

    is available.

 Winter operation up to approx.

    -4 ° Celsius is sufficient.

 no elaborate water treatment is desired

 if no complex requirements

    be put to the control.


Dust reduction / Dust suppression with fogsystems / Dust binding oder dust removal or dust avoidance

The redesign and revision of the TA-Luft are the requirements for facilities, in which solid substances are loaded or unloaded, transported, processed or stored, has risen.

TA-Luft stipulates that suitable requiredments for emission reduction are ensured for solid substances if they can lead to dusty emissions.