Dust is a challenge

Waterfog binds dust

Dust reduction / Dust suppression

NEBOLEX environment your solution!


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NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik dust suppression facilities.

Processing and transportation of bulk materials as well as their storage is often associated with enormous dust emissions, also in the recycling of waste and recyclable materials such as plastic, paper, wood and metal, dust emissions are tremendous. 

Dust leads to enormous health problems in humans, impairments of the environment and wear of machines and work tools! People who work in a dusty environment, often suffer cardiac and circulatory problems, breathlessness and COPD.

Dust on machines and work tools leads to increased wear, longer and more frequent maintenance and repairs are needed.


To meet this challenge, we have the solution... 

...our website will show you how NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik systems work - the various locations and the unlimited application possibilities - The environment is protected, people's health is spared and the machine and work tool wear is reduced enormously.

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